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Low-Cost Rapid Prototyping
Do you need to prototype an idea or a deploy a pilot solution with hardware-in-the-loop? Choose one of our Jumpstart packages and get there in record time at the lowest cost in the industry.
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Don't know how to bring all the hardware, software, and connectivity together into a full IoT solution that "just works"? You've come to the right team.
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Ready to deploy millions of devices? We are too. Our modular, cloud-agnostic platform scales effortlessly, securely delivering critical insights and business value for the most demanding IoT applications.
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Complete IoT Development and Deployment

Rapid Prototyping

We'll work closely with you to refine your use case and will deliver recommendations and polished interactive UIs that will wow stakeholders, investors, and customers, equipping you to secure the approval or funding to move ahead with your IoT vision.

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Systems Integration

Integrating multiple systems is no easy task. Our experience deploying enterprise- and military-grade solutions ensures complete reliability. Our team brings adaptive, out-of-the-box thinking to every challenge to give you a reliable and rapidly scalable solution.

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Enterprise-Grade IoT Platform

Our suite of cloud-based products provide a complete and easy-to-use IoT application framework for customers. We leverage the latest advancements in data analytics, containerized software design, and cloud architectures to help you rapidly scale.

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Leverege Just Received the IoT Partner Specialization in the Google Cloud Partner Program!

What's Your Use Case?

Asset Tracking? Smart Cities? Building Automation? Whatever your application or vertical, we have you covered. We'll use the latest technologies to quickly build and deploy your IoT solution, regardless of industry.

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With this eBook, you’ll learn what IoT means and how you might be able to use it to build a new organization, to launch a new business line within your existing organization, or to simply improve your internal processes and operations.

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Whether you're a Fortune 500 company or startup, transforming your current business or creating entirely new businesses, our deep experience across verticals and use cases means that you can trust us to make it happen.

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