Educational Resources

An Introduction to the Internet of Things

This eBook will show you what IoT means and how you might be able to use it to build a new organization, to launch a new business line within your existing organization, or simply to improve your internal processes and operations.

An Introduction to Indoor Positioning

This eBook will introduce the core technologies that comprise a scaleable and effective indoor positioning system. Learn to assess potential use cases from the perspective of engineering, business development and more.

Email Course
5 Days
How to Run Kubernetes in Production

In this course, we’ll be sharing everything we’ve learned running Kubernetes in production on Google Cloud to power some of the largest IoT solutions in North America.

Email Course
5 Days
How to Get Started with GCP

In this free, 5-part course, you’ll learn how to choose a cloud platform along with some useful tips and tricks as you deploy your own IoT solutions.

Email Course
6 Days
Connectivity in IoT

When you sign up for this free, 6-part course, you'll have each part delivered directly to your inbox every morning for five days. We hope this course will help you build and deploy your own IoT solutions!

An Introduction to Kubernetes

This eBook provides an overview of Kubernetes and walks through some of the lessons that the engineers at Leverege have learned running Kubernetes in production on some of the largest IoT deployments in North America.

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