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We’ve powered end-to-end IoT solutions for startups, corporations, and governments alike. Although the applications and verticals vary greatly, our platform and tools enable every customer to amplify their human potential and achieve more with less effort.

"Leverege's technology and team have been instrumental to the success of our innovative connected boat product. We highly recommend them to any company thinking about launching an IoT solution."
Dan Harper, CEO of Siren Marine
Connected Boats
We power a robust, connected boating platform that enables boat owners to remotely track and monitor their boats.
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Google Cloud & IoT Core
Our IoT platform powers custom sales dashboards and a native application for developers called the Cloud IoT Core Inspector.
End-to-End IoT Solutions
Our team is the software backbone of Cox's new IoT business line, Cox2M. Cox is relying on the Leverege platform to build end-to-end IoT solutions across several industries.
Advanced Analytics & ML
We're a strategic technology partner developing advanced correlation, tracking, and user interfaces for mission-critical distributed systems with a focus on scalable cloud computing architectures.
Auction Management
We enable a vehicle tracking solution that gives Manheim the precise, real-time location of every vehicle on their auction properties.
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"After an extensive survey of the market, we chose Leverege as our IoT platform partner and system integrator. Their flexible and modular technology, advanced analytics, and the world-class team that stands behind the products made them an easy choice."
Josh Sommer, Executive Director of New Growth Strategy at Cox Communications.
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