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With our Jumpstart package, you get a stunning, fully interactive proof-of-concept or pilot in a matter of weeks at a fully transparent fixed price. No cost overruns or delays.

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Our Jumpstart Packages

Depending on your choice of package, our Jumpstarts range from 3 weeks to 3 months. Take the journey from prototype to proof-of-concept to deployed pilot with a custom-branded interactive MVP built to scale immediately.


Essentials Package

We'll work closely with you to refine your use case and will deliver polished interactive UIs that will wow stakeholders, investors, and customers; equipping you to secure the approval and/or funding to move ahead with your IoT vision.

2 - 3 weeks


Professional Package

You’ll get everything in Essentials plus a web app for both desktop and mobile. The application can include thousands of simulated devices, enabling your organization to prove business value and set the foundation for a successful pilot.

6 - 8 weeks


Enterprise Package

You’ll receive everything in Professional plus integrated hardware and network connectivity, multiple user access levels (e.g. admin, regular users, etc.), device management, usage analytics, custom data ingesters, and all of the web apps hosted on your own custom domain so you’ll be ready to pilot and then scale your IoT solution.

8 - 12 weeks
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Every Jumpstart package includes polished, interactive user interfaces which you can share with internal and external stakeholders.
Polished Interactive UI
We've learned all of the lessons so you don't have to. We know the strengths and weaknesses of the major IoT protocols, connectivity options, and sensor types, and we’ll provide you with proven recommendations based on your use case.
Use Case Discovery & Refinement
Every Jumpstart package includes a dedicated Technical Project Manager who will be your main point of contact and will work closely with you to ensure project success.
Dedicated Technical Project Manager
All interfaces are optimized for both desktop and mobile. Tablet can be included as an add-on if needed.
Desktop & Mobile
The Leverege Platform is purpose-built to work with any hardware or connectivity type. Whatever your use case or business need, we can build it.
Hardware & Network Agnostic
IoT solutions often have different users who have varying access levels and sometimes completely different functionalities. We call each type of user a "user persona."
User Personas
Our cross-functional team of designers and engineers will build you a web application that can be accessed from anywhere with just a browser and the url.
Dynamic Web Application
Jumpstarts aren't just pretty. They're built on our secure and scalable cloud platform meaning that your MVP/POC is cleared for full scale deployment from the start. No rework necessary!
Built for Scale & Security
We'll take care of all cloud infrastructure and hosting fees and provide you ongoing technical support for your Jumpstart.
Free Hosting
Your application can send users email and/or text alerts when device data exceeds customizable threshold conditions.
Customizable Alerts
No hardware or network yet? No problem. We can simulate thousands of devices, enabling you to get something real in the hands of internal and external stakeholders long before you’ve finalized hardware, connectivity, etc.
Simulated Data
Already have sensors or integrated connectivity? Want to test out a few choices to determine which is best? We'll integrate your hardware and connectivity into your Jumpstart for an end-to-end experience.
Hardware Integration
If your IoT solution needs specialized hardware or connectivity, we’ve got you covered with our extensive network of trusted partners.
3rd Party Partner Referrals
If you're already pulling data from sensors or have integrated data from other systems, we'll develop custom data ingesters and pull it into a complete solution.
Custom Data Ingesters
Once the product is live, our team will build a dashboard in Google Data Studio that will enable you to gain crucial insights into how users are interacting with it.
Usage Analytics Dashboard
Visual indicators will be integrated into the UI and/or alerts for basic device status such as non-reporting devices, low battery, etc.
Device Management
Host the web application on your own custom domain and private label it.
Custom Private Label Domain
3 months
6 months

“Kudos to the Leverege team for our Jumpstart! We're very impressed, the slick, well-designed interface is great, especially on mobile. And the fact that you put this together in 3 weeks is amazing, other vendors we’ve worked with weren't nearly as responsive.”

Energy Efficiency Use Case
Jumpstart Professional Package

Jumpstarts We've Built

Our platform is purpose-built to be open and flexible, meaning that we can easily and quickly customize to your specific applications and business needs.

Everything You Need to Get Started

We'll build you a polished, interactive user experience that’s hosted on Leverege’s secure and scalable cloud infrastructure; perfect for refining your use case, landing new clients, or securing necessary funding.

Ready to Begin?

Polished Interactive UI

A cross functional team of designers and developers will bring your concept to life in a dynamic web application with real, interactive features.

Application Program Interface (API)

We'll help you develop a specific set of commands, which will allow the user interface to communicate with your hardware.

Communications and Protocol Recommendations

We know the strengths and weaknesses of the major IoT protocols, and will provide you with suggestions based on your use case.

Message Specification

We'll develop a robust, performant protocol between your devices and the cloud, enabling a seamless data exchange.

Blueprint for Implementation

You'll receive a comprehensive IoT platform architecture designed for growth, including data flows and infrastructure recommendations.

3rd Party Partner Referrals

If your IoT solution still needs additional hardware or connectivity, we'll connect you with our ecosystem of trusted partners.

Explore Our Use Cases

Our platform is purpose-built to be open and flexible, meaning that we can easily and quickly customize to your specific applications and business needs. This has enabled us to successfully power IoT solutions across a variety of verticals, just check out some more of our use cases below.

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