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With our Jumpstart package you get a stunning, fully interactive minimum viable product (MVP) or proof of concept in just two to three weeks.

The Jumpstart Package: What You Get

Whether you're securing internal funding or closing new business, you need a stunning, fully interactive demo to showcase the value of your IoT solution. With our Jumpstart package, we'll work with you over a two to three week period to design, develop, and then launch a fully interactive MVP like the demos you see here. We can include both real and simulated devices, letting you showcase the full value of your IoT solution.

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The Jumpstart Package: How It Works

User Research & Discovery

First, our design team will immerse themselves in your use case to fully understand the needs of the end user.

Wireframes & Product Hierarchy

Next, our design team will provide you with wireframes to get your feedback and nail down specifications.

Design & Development

Our design and development teams will then work together closely to rapidly build your minimum viable product.

Simulation & Live Data

We'll integrate real devices if you have them, and fill out the rest of the MVP with simulated data.

Visual Design

We'll apply beautiful visual design that incorporates your branding and captures your identity.

Jumpstart Package Delivered

Finally, we'll deliver the stunning, fully interactive MVP to you as a web application for easy sharing and demoing.

Everything You Need to Get Started

We'll build you a polished, interactive user experience that’s hosted on Leverege’s secure and scalable cloud infrastructure; perfect for refining your use case, landing new clients, or securing necessary funding.

Ready to Begin?

Polished Interactive UI

A cross functional team of designers and developers will bring your concept to life in a dynamic web application with real, interactive features.

Application Program Interface (API)

We'll help you develop a specific set of commands, which will allow the user interface to communicate with your hardware.

Communications and Protocol Recommendations

We know the strengths and weaknesses of the major IoT protocols, and will provide you with suggestions based on your use case.

Message Specification

We'll develop a robust, performant protocol between your devices and the cloud, enabling a seamless data exchange.

Blueprint for Implementation

You'll receive a comprehensive IoT platform architecture designed for growth, including data flows and infrastructure recommendations.

3rd Party Partner Referrals

If your IoT solution still needs additional hardware or connectivity, we'll connect you with our ecosystem of trusted partners.

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Our platform is purpose-built to be open and flexible, meaning that we can easily and quickly customize to your specific applications and business needs. This has enabled us to successfully power IoT solutions across a variety of verticals, just check out some more of our use cases below.

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Our team is excited to learn about your use case and build you an MVP you are guaranteed to love!

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