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Smart Buildings and Facilities

IoT is reshaping modern buildings and facilities management. By unlocking new data and insights, buildings and facilities managers can make more informed decisions, increase profits through energy optimization, and improve business processes with occupancy sensors.

Robust Features

From occupant safety and satisfaction to keeping buildings functioning on a day-to-day basis, smart building IoT solutions provide visibility and the intelligence necessary for real-time demand response.

Predictive Maintenance

Leverage data from connected devices to create predictive insights and proactive solutions to minimize disruption to any building.

IoT Connectivity
Efficient Planning and Use of Resources

Increase data collection and create actionable insights that ease facility management and define how building resources should be used for complete facility optimization.

Real-Time Security and Surveillance Services

Manage and control surveillance devices remotely to monitor facilities and prevent loss of critical assets.

IoT Alerts
Building System Monitoring and Adjustment

Monitor and control all systems, including HVAC and lighting, to accommodate occupants and provide a comfortable environment to enhance productivity.

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