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IoT Solutions for Smart Cities

The cities of the future pollute less, make better use of infrastructure, keep residents and tourists safer, and improve energy efficiency. Leverege has the tools and expertise to be the perfect partner for any Smart City IoT deployment.

Robust Features

Here are some of the ways that smart city solutions would enable your city to offer new services to residents, reduce tax spend, and improve overall quality-of-living.

Waste Management

Track city bins in real-time, optimizing routes for efficiency and cost-reduction.

IoT Connectivity
Optimized Parking

Efficient, city-wide parking utilization makes residents' lives easier and increases revenue and efficiency when it comes to parking tickets.

Smart Irrigation

Control the water system remotely, with soil and weather data allowing predictive analytics to reduce wasted water.

IoT Alerts
Infrastructure Monitoring

Improve the safety of roads and bridges by remotely monitoring their structures if any problems may arise.

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