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IoT Applications in Vehicle & Transport

Locating a vehicle on the road or in a parking lot is no longer a difficult task with IoT. Advancements in network and hardware are enabling scalable, enterprise asset tracking solutions that are transforming the automotive industry. Leverege's experience in vehicle asset tracking will help your business extract insights from data you want, need, and don’t yet know you need.

Robust Features

Here are some of the ways IoT solutions in automotive and transport would allow you track and monitor your critical assets, enabling you to optimize workflows, gain efficiencies, and make more informed decisions.

Easily Locate All Assets

Collect real-time location data for better management, reduced costs, and improved efficiency.

IoT Connectivity
Real-Time Inventory Management

Quickly locate critical equipment and enhance employee productivity through our system.

Prevent & Detect Theft

Any major event will be recorded and you’ll receive a notification, allowing for faster incident response times.

IoT Alerts
Track Shipments

Streamline your operations by tracking thousands of shipments across the world from just one location.

Use Cases

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