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The Leverege IoT Platform provides you with the tools you need to quickly build tailored solutions and then deploy them to production.

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The Leading IoT Solutions Development Platform

Our mission is to empower you to create and deploy business-critical IoT solutions easily and cost-effectively.  Our cloud-native technology was built from the ground up to drive your digital transformation. We use our own tools and platform everyday to solve customer problems so we’re confident it will meet your needs. 

No Vendor Lock-In

Our no vendor lock-in policy allows migration from one cloud provider to another and supports hybrid or multi-cloud implementations while minimizing cost and complexity. Our experts are here to help you deploy the solution that best fits your business.

Secure by Default

Security is built into the fabric of everything we do and we make it our highest priority. Trusted modules for edge sensors, end-to-end encryption for all data in transit and at rest, two-factor authentication by default, and other security best practices means you can sleep safe at night.

Future Proof

Continuous innovation from Leverege mitigates IoT solution obsolescence. We support your development today and your product vision of tomorrow by providing a solution lifecycle management strategy to maximize flexibility and manage risk.

Compliance is Key

We live in a hyper-connected digital world where trust in not assured and bad actors are everywhere. To stay ahead of the curve, we proactively monitor and strictly adhere to industry best practices that meet or exceed the necessary levels of compliance across the entire build and deploy lifecycle.

Compliance Measures

Compliance measures are enforced by tools such as Forseti and updated via Terraform when changes are detected. Key infrastructure components follow security best practices to limit exposure to the web and restrict escalation of privileges.

by Default

The Leverege IoT Platform adheres to the highest levels of security and routinely undergoes third-party audits and penetration testing to ensure compliance to the latest standards. Security is applied at each step in the development and deployment of any IoT solution built on our platform.

Static Code Analysis

Each line of code developed is automatically inspected by our Continuous Integration (CI) process and all software packages and dependencies are audited against a known list of vulnerabilities on every build. In addition to static code analysis, container images are validated and artifact metadata is inspected to complete the audit trail.

Secured from DDOS Attacks

This first layer of our defense enforces TLS encryption and applies HTTP security headers proactively if incoming traffic is missing them. JWT tokens and OAuth-based authentication schemes are employed and two-factor authentication methods are enforced to mitigate phishing attacks and unauthorized access.

Industry-level Encryption

All data in transit and at rest are encrypted and the principle of least privilege is applied for all users, groups and service accounts. Compliance measures are enforced by tools such as Forseti and updated via Terraform when changes are detected.

Flexible. Reliable. Scalable.

Our suite of cloud-based products provides a complete and easy-to-use IoT application framework for systems integrators and customers; we leverage the latest advances in data analytics, containerized software design, and scalable cloud architectures.


Connect Your Solution

The Leverege Imagine service provides cloud-based, high-fidelity simulation for all of your devices; allowing for rapid prototyping and demonstrations.

Easily define and script data attributes, threshold, alerts, and timing so you can develop hardware, communications, and software in parallel.

Put an interactive system in your users' hands long before hardware is finalized, giving you invaluable feedback to refine your use case.

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Analyze Your Data

The Leverege Reason service addresses all data analytics, machine learning, routing, and business logic needs in one place to make sense of your data.

Merge data from your devices with business logic and other sources of data. Handle streaming data and long-running, scheduled batch jobs using the same framework.

Use pre-built machine learning APIs and frameworks or build your own custom models using your favorite tools (e.g. Tensorflow, PyTorch, etc.) and quickly add it as a step in your data processing pipeline.

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Visualize Your Solution

The Leverege Vision service transforms raw data and insights from Imagine and Reason into intuitive, digestible interfaces for an advanced user experience.

Take advantage of UI Builder to quickly customize pre-built templates for any use case and deploy it in seconds with an automatic code generator.

User Interface extends beyond the traditional UI on your computer, tablet, and phone. Deliver value via voice and chatbots to reach your users where ever they are.

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Millions of Devices Connected

Our platform powers large-scale, business-critical solutions and we've connected millions of devices. Ready to deploy? Join us in connecting the next million.

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