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We need you to help us scale from 50 people at Leverege today to 500 people tomorrow. Our goal is to build a world-class Operations team at Leverege, creating the structures, processes, and tools that are necessary to scale effectively while growing rapidly and expanding globally. As just the 2nd hire to the Operations team, you will be a critical member who will help us build Leverege Operations from the ground up, with the opportunity to build and manage a team of your own one day as the Operations function matures and we develop distinct sub-teams such as RevOps, PeopleOps, and more.

As Business Operations Associate, you will create, implement, and run the tools, automations, and processes that empower every person at Leverege to do their best work. To do this effectively, you will need to touch and understand every part of the organization including finance, HR, product, projects, engineering, etc. Ever plan to found or lead a business? Operations at a company like Leverege provides the diversity of responsibilities and experience you’ll need to do so successfully.

We are seeking someone who is…

  • A service-oriented team player with high EQ. As a central person in the organization, your work will directly impact every person at Leverege. The vast majority of Operations work exists to support others. We succeed when we help everyone else succeed.
  • Focused on systematizing. Very few Operations activities are isolated one-offs, and a good Operations Manager will create the tools, processes, and automations to satisfy recurring needs to free up focus for the next rapidly approaching priority.
  • Exacting. Because most of an Operations Manager’s work is far-reaching and high-impact, small missteps can quickly disseminate across the entire company. An Operations Manager must be flexible and understanding of the inaccuracies of others, but precise in their own performance.
  • Hungry to grow and learn. Operations in a growing company is like building the plane in flight. There is an abundance of competing priorities you’ll need to identify, master, overcome, and systematize before rapidly moving to mastering the next, totally different thing.

Qualifications (Required):

  • Knowledge of business productivity software and an aptitude for learning new applications
  • Experience creating systems for internal stakeholders within a cross-functional environment and the change management to institute them
  • High EQ and proven ability to influence without formal authority
  • Ability to effectively prioritize and execute in an ambiguous, dynamic environment with shifting priorities
  • Ability to quickly earn the trust and respect of internal and external stakeholders, building and maintaining strong relationships
  • Inclination to take ownership and responsibility in all situations
  • Strong organizational skills and experience in information architecture
  • An analytical and logical mind with the ability to mentally break down large problems or systems into smaller components
  • Excellent written communication skills

Qualifications (Preferred):

  • Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) in operations management, business administration, or finance
  • Minimum one year performing Operations responsibilities
  • Ability to work East Coast hours
  • Experience working directly with and/or at fast-paced startups
  • Experience working with and reporting to senior management

Note: Research says men tend to apply even if they only meet ~60% of the job qualifications, whereas women and other marginalized groups are hesitant to do so. If you don’t match 100% of the job qualifications but think you’d be a great fit, we encourage you to apply

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