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Whatever your application or vertical, we have you covered. Our platform is built to handle it all. You can explore some of our video demos below or contact us for a live demo.

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Get your own live, interactive dashboard in just 2 weeks with our Jumpstart package. Then quickly go from MVP to full deployment on the Leverege IoT Platform.

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We work closely with you to understand and refine your use case to build interactive UIs, develop dynamic web applications, simluate thousands of devices, and integrate hardware to enrich your IoT solution with live data. Our Jumpstart packages will prepare you to pilot and then fully deploy your solution.

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Use Case Refinement

During the discovery phase, our team will capture  as much information as possible about user pain points, goals, and current solutions. This helps us build user personas and identify the key problems they face.

User Experience Design

The user experience encompasses any and all aspects of an end-user’s interaction with your solution. Our UX designers take your underlying technology and ensure humans can easily access, control, and interact with your IoT solution without fail.

Custom Solution Development

Each organization and application has unique needs, which will dictate what type of connectivity, hardware, and software are best combined to build and deploy the solution. We simplify the selection process and use our expertise to develop a custom solution that’s exactly what you need.

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