Solar Power

Proactive monitoring, maintenance, and optimization of any sized solar application. Our predictive analytics generate crucial insights for industrial and consumer applications alike. Easily track everything you need to know about your solar energy system. Automatically schedule maintenance at exactly the right time; not before it's needed and not after it’s broken and costing you money. Optimize power output to decrease your energy bill and help the environment.

Solar IoT Dashboard

Great for Customers

See exactly how your new solar panels are impacting your energy bill. With the intuitive user-interface, you can track your energy usage, solar output, and total energy costs all in one place. You’ll also get alerts if panels need maintenance and recommendations on when to buy new panels, maximizing your return on investment.

Great for Businesses

Manage all solar assets in one place, gaining an in-depth understanding of your Solar Energy System to optimize energy output and drive revenue. Also use predictive maintenance to drastically decrease the time panels are offline, shrinking costs.

Solar IoT Use Case


Following intuitive UI/UX design, Vision creates a human-centric interface comprised of interlinked geospatial and analytical tools.  The product is responsive and optimized for all devices including smart phones, tablets, and desktops.

Lightweight Service Layer

Scalable System

Human Centered Design

Cross-Functional Platforms

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The solar dashboard can be hosted in the public cloud or on-premise and can operate autonomously, semi-autonomously, or under human control. It employs a “big data” system that uses state-of-the-art contextual search technology and predictive analytics to improve the signal-to-noise ratio for customers. As with all Leverege products, we employ a fully API-based open architecture that allows you to mix-and-match other companies products with ours.

IoT Data Structure Leverege

Structured/Unstructured Data

IoT Real Time Processing Leverege

Real Time Processing

IoT Machine Learning Leverege

Machine Learning

IoT Data Storage Leverege

Data Storage

Technical White Paper

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Whether it’s manufacturing, construction, or solar energy management, our platform drastically increases operational efficiency to cut costs and drive revenue. We use the latest advances in machine learning and predictive analytics to drive actionable insights that optimize your entire value chain.

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