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With our Jumpstart packages, you get a stunning, fully interactive proof-of-concept or pilot in a matter of weeks at a transparent fixed price. No cost overruns or delays.

Our Jumpstart Packages

Choose the Jumpstart package that meets your timeline and budget, and get an IoT solution customized to your needs. Each Jumpstart package sets the foundation for the next, so you can always start small and upgrade, going from prototype to proof-of-concept to deployed pilot.

Prototype Illustration
Essentials Package

We'll work closely with you to refine your use case and deliver interactive prototype UIs that will wow stakeholders, investors, and customers. The prototype will equip you to secure internal funding, win a first customer, and/or refine the value proposition so you can move ahead with your IoT vision.

2 - 4 weeks
Proof of Concept Illustration
Professional Package

You’ll get everything in Essentials plus a customized, responsive web app for both desktop and mobile. The proof-of-concept can include real and/or simulated devices, enabling you to prove business value, showcase the solution, test functionality, and set the foundation for a successful pilot.

4 - 6 weeks
Enterprise Package

You’ll receive everything in Professional plus custom integration with business systems (ERPs, CRMs, etc.), on-site support, and the application hosted on your own custom domain. The pilot will empower you to prove ROI, justify scale, and set the foundation for successful growth of the IoT solution.

6 - 10 weeks
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What is a Jumpstart?

A Jumpstart is the fastest, most cost-effective way to build, customize, and deploy your IoT solution. We combine our software products and our trained experts into a fixed price package, meaning that we rapidly build IoT solutions that are customized to your organizations specific needs, all at a transparent cost.

Customized IoT Solution

You don’t need to make the tradeoff between speed and customization, we do both. Our platform enables us to rapidly build IoT solutions while also customizing them to your specific needs.

Business Integrations

The true value of IoT is unlocked when you begin integrating with existing business systems and third party products. Jumpstarts are built to be connected.

Ready to Scale

After a successful pilot, you want to scale right away, not wait because you need to rearchitect your IoT solution. Jumpstarts are built on top of our highly scalable and secure platform so they're ready to go.

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Our ability to rapidly build IoT solutions that are customized to specific business needs means that we've built IoT solutions for many industries and verticals - IoT Changes Everything™. Check out some examples below.

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