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Successfully launching and managing IoT solutions at scale requires reliable technical infrastructure, ongoing maintenance and support, and continual refinement and upgrades. We provide managed services to ensure that your IoT solutions grow with you.

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Industry Leading Systems Integration

We’ve served as the systems integrator for massive-scale IoT deployments, including Fortune 500 companies and the U.S. military, and we’ll make sure that your IoT solutions are successful. Our Launch services include end-to-end system integration to ensure that the devices, gateways, network, software, and UIs all work together seamlessly. We also integrate with legacy systems so you can pull data into your new IoT system or push IoT data into the existing systems.

No Vendor Lock-In

Our no vendor lock-in guarantee allows migration from one cloud vendor to another and supports hybrid or multi-cloud without incurring substantial costs or technical problems. Eliminate the fear factor knowing our experts are here to help you scale without the third-party headache.

Scale on Demand

We can optimize for cost for the scrappy startups or maximize for strict SLA rules and regulatory constraints for the Fortune 500s. Whether you need a small service or need to power billions of devices, we scale on demand and automatically optimize for cost and performance.

Streamlined Deployment

We don’t sacrifice agility for uptime. Using best-in-class continuous integration and continuous deployment tools, we can make updates and run A/B tests without waiting for downtime or scheduled maintenance efforts. Have a new feature? Deploy it with the push of a button.

Our Launch Services

Our end-to-end custom IoT capabilities decrease time-to-market, increase revenue, and provide competitive advantages. With in-house experts across the ecosystem we're capable of providing you custom solutions for your existing enterprise to accelerate your digital transformation. IoT Changes Everything™.

Best-in-Class Support Services

Our thorough enterprise ecosystem is chosen and monitored by a deeply experienced team who work across all disciplines to make educated and cost-conscious decisions in design, systems architecture, and management.

Best In Class Support Services
Quality Assurance

Our expert team performs QA tests including hardware-software compatibility, user-device interaction, cross-domain interoperability, security, user-experience validation and environmental acceptance. You can have peace of mind knowing your application is stable, reliable, and accurately developed to your business needs.

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Project Management

Our focus on project management combined with our managed services provide the supervision and expertise necessary to deploy your solution. We manage your solution’s lifecycle including process control, real-time status reporting, team collaboration, data collection and deep analytics.

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We handle the operating system and application operations of your IoT solution and alleviate any pain points associated with custom software. We guarantee corrective, adaptive, and preventative maintenance.

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