Launch and Manage Scaled IoT Solutions

Our  team has the industry experience and technical expertise to launch and manage your IoT solutions for you. We understand your needs and build solutions that seamlessly integrate with your existing business processes.

Industry Leading Systems Integration

We’ve served as the systems integrator for massive-scale IoT deployments, including Fortune 500 companies and the U.S. military, and we’ll make sure that your IoT solutions are successful. Our Launch services include end-to-end system integration to ensure that the devices, gateways, network, software, and UIs all work together seamlessly. We also integrate with legacy systems so you can pull data into your new IoT system or push IoT data into the existing systems.

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Use Case Refinement

During the discovery phase, our team will capture  as much information as possible about user pain points, goals, and current solutions. This helps us build user personas and identify the key problems they face.

User Experience Design

The user experience encompasses any and all aspects of an end-user’s interaction with your solution. Our UX designers take your underlying technology and ensure humans can easily access, control, and interact with your IoT solution without fail.

Custom Solution Development

Each organization and application has unique needs, which will dictate what type of connectivity, hardware, and software are best combined to build and deploy the solution. We simplify the selection process and use our expertise to develop a custom solution that’s exactly what you need.

Our Capabilities

Our end-to-end custom IoT capabilities accelerate your digital transformation, time to market, revenue, and provide competitive advantages. With in-house experts across the ecosystem we are capable of providing you custom solutions for your existing enterprise.

Best-in-Class Support Services

Our thorough enterprise ecosystem is chosen and monitored by a deeply experience team who work across all disciplines to make educated and cost-conscious decisions in design, systems architecture, and management.

Best In Class Support Services
Quality Assurance

The inevitability of interconnectedness in IoT requires acute attention to detail combined with a deep understanding of “things”, networks, and computing. Our team of experts perform QA tests including hardware-software compatibility, user-device interaction, cross-domain interoperability, security, user-experience validation and environmental acceptance to accurately develop and deploy your solution.

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Project Management

Our focus on project management combined with our managed services provide the supervision and expertise necessary to deploy your solution. We manage your solution’s lifecycle including process control, real-time status reporting, team collaboration, data collection and deep analytics.

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We handle the operating system and application operations of your IoT solution and alleviate any pain points associated with custom software. We guarantee corrective, adaptive, perfective, and preventantive maintenance.

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