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Fleet Management Solution

To remain competitive and prepare for the advent of autonomous vehicles, fleet managers are connecting more and more of their vehicles to enable cost-reductions and improve operational efficiencies. This fleet management solution provides robust fleet management accessible to everyone, so that any-sized business can affordably track their vehicles, gain insight into vehicle health, and optimize fleet performance.

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Connect Your Fleet to Decrease Costs

Here are some of the ways that this solution would enable you to track all your vehicles and monitor their telematics, giving you actionable insights to reduce fuel and labor costs.

Get Vehicle Telematics

Connect directly into the vehicle's OBD-II port to get critical information about engine health and battery levels.

Improve Driver Behavior

Use vehicle speed and engine health data to identify areas for driver improvement and ensure compliance with safety protocols.

Optimize Routes

Use the latest in machine learning to effectively optimize fleet routes, improving delivery time and increasing utilization rate.

Track All Vehicles in Real-Time

Visualize your entire fleet and instantly locate any vehicle(s), setting your own geofence-based alerts.

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Our platform is purpose-built to be open and flexible, meaning that we can easily and quickly customize to your specific applications and business needs.

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