Track and Monitor to Reduce Operational Burden

This solution gives hospital administrators the ability to more efficiently track and monitor various equipment throughout the hospital, thereby reducing time spent locating equipment, increasing occupancy awareness, and improving care.

Discover Inefficiencies

Find out where the most alert heavy locations in the hospital are. View aggregate alert statistics by month (and/or by hospital floor) to figure out where equipment goes astray.

Monitor Movement History

Get granular with your data. Visualize where a particular piece of equipment has been over the last 12 hours, like the path of a ventilator throughout the hospital.

Create Geofences for Equipment

Confine certain pieces of equipment to specific wings or floors of the hospital and automatically get alerts if the equipment moves outside of the areas you defined.

Locate Hospital Equipment

See exactly where your equipment is located within the hospital. Watch as workstations, ventilators, and crash carts move around the hospital, and search for specific pieces of equipment.

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