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Indoor & Outdoor Vehicle Tracking Solution for Manufacturing

Our indoor / outdoor vehicle tracking solution allows users to quickly locate manufactured vehicles on a zone-basis indoors and with precise GPS location outdoors. The solution provides a sophisticated dashboard that can be used as a standalone management tool or the data can be easily integrated via a well-defined API into existing business systems to provide enhanced value and unlock critical insights.

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Locate Vehicles in Seconds

The trackers use a combination of GPS and BLE to provide 3-5 meter accuracy of vehicle position both indoors and outdoors. Users can leverage simple web applications powered by the Leverege IoT Platform to find defective vehicles, see total inventory, and get walking directions to where the defective car is parked - saving significant time and resources


Users can opt-in to receive text/email alerts and are provided with a visual indication on the web app when vehicles enter dynamically predefined off-limits zones.

Track Vehicles and Historical Path

Track the precise position of a vehicle outdoors and receive zone level location indoors. View vehicle location history and path through the indoor facility and outdoor lots.

Monitor Vehicle Inventory

A tailored dashboard optimized for both laptops and mobile phones shows tracked vehicles as they move through the facility and are parked. Users can visualize and export current and historical tracker

Quickly Associate

Users can quickly associate trackers to defective vehicles with a simple mobile app by scanning barcodes, QR codes, VIN plates, and/or work orders on the vehicle and the tracker.

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Our platform is purpose-built to be open and flexible, meaning that we can easily and quickly customize to your specific applications and business needs.

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