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IoT Leak Detection Solution

The failure to respond immediately and effectively to water, gas or chemical leaks has resulted in devastating environmental impacts and deaths. This solution shortens the response time from facility managers and home owners ability to pinpoint exactly where leaks or system breaches have occurred and respond accordingly.

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Protect People, Protect the Environment, Protect Profits

This solution provides the ability to remotely monitor systems which transport water, gas, or chemicals for malfunctions or anomalies. An intuitive interface enables the user to check that operations are running smoothly, receive alerts for potential issues that may arise, and respond effectively to reduce the risk of further environmental pollution or economic losses if a leak is detected.

Smart Sensors

Leak detection and flooding sensors check for presence of water inside and outside industrial facilities

Remote Monitoring

Monitor the flow of water, gas or chemicals through pipelines and systems

Configure System Alerts

Get notified by text or email notification with actionable information when a leak is detected to prevent further damage

Protect Infrastructure

Data analytics generate trends and insight into the integrity of pipelines and predict upcoming maintenance issues

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