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Senior Living Solution

As our aging populations grow, IoT will serve a critical role by enabling senior care facilities to improve quality of life and autonomy for residents all while gaining insights and capabilities that help reduce costs. Real-time monitoring and alerting allows for incidents to be addressed right away, and new ways of interacting with the environment facilitate freedom and autonomy for senior residents.

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Provide Better Care, Cost-Effectively

This solution allows you to passively and actively collect important health information, such as abnormal vital signs or decreasing movement patterns, empowering you to proactively address issues before they happen.

Frictionless Resident Experience

Remote monitoring allows for the resident to enjoy their freedom while loved ones can rest assured that everything is alright.

Wearable and Implant Technology

Track vital signs, detect low levels of movement, and identify abnormal sleeping habits to enable care that's proactive and tailored to each resident's needs.

Voice Enabled Environment

Create voice enabled environments for your residents, giving them greater control and autonomy in their lives and reducing the amount of care necessary.

Real Time Alerts

Configure and receive real-time emergency alerts for abnormal health patterns, incidents like a fall, and more.

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