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Smart Hospital Equipment Management

Managing hospital equipment is complicated and frustrating, yet it’s critical to hospital operations. Misplaced or missing equipment such as bladder scanners and IV pumps can lead to poor asset utilization, audit failures, financial losses, and deteriorated patient care. The Smart Hospital Equipment Management Solution empowers hospital staff to quickly find and track the equipment they care about, and administrators with the utilization metrics to support efficient and timely procurement.

Infectious Disease Containment

Hospital administrators can quickly and easily contain infectious incidents and track down any affected equipment for sanitization.

Real-time Inventory Overview

Hospital employees now have access to the real-time location of all hospital equipment, letting them focus on the important work they do every day.

New Insights into Equipment Utilization

Hospital administrators can look into equipment utilization to improve ordering, stock management, and more.

For Operations & Administrators

Real-Time Inventory Overview & Historical Analysis

Actionable Ordering Insights

Our solution provides actionable insights that help you make informed ordering decisions. By comparing inventory, utilization rates, and maintenance trends across assets, you can optimize your ordering processes and save time and money.

Equipment Location & Status History

Tracking every piece of equipment with location and status history logs makes it easy to analyze historical data, flag outliers, and improve operations. You'll always know where your equipment is and whether it's in use or available.

For Containment Teams

Track & Mitigate Infectious Diseases within the Hospital

Automatically Track & Mitigate Infection Spread

Our system helps you track and mitigate infectious diseases within your hospital. With our platform, you can automatically track and mitigate infection spread, capturing the total number of rooms or equipment affected by an event. This allows you to understand the scope of the incident and take action to contain it.

Accelerate Cleaning & Containment

Our platform makes it easy to accelerate cleaning and containment efforts. Administrators can view all compromised rooms and make informed decisions about room priority for cleaning staff. You can also track the progress of rooms throughout the cleaning process through status updates, ensuring that everything is properly cleaned and disinfected.

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