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Soil Moisture Monitoring

To grow thriving crops, it all begins with soil monitoring. This soil monitoring solution provides real-time insights into soil moisture conditions, helps drive smarter irrigation decisions, and increase crop yields.

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Improve Crop Health and Reduce Waste

Measuring and tracking soil moisture levels is labor and time intensive. This solution provides you with an automated and more accurate solution. The benefits of this solution includes real-time status of soil conditions, prevention into over or under watering of crops, and reminders if further action needs to be taken from farmers.

Get Accurate Forecasting

Use real-time and historical data to create trends to predict irrigation needs and better manage crops

Increase Worker Efficiency

Crop data enables workers to spend less time manually checking soil temperature and moisture levels

Monitor Soil Health in Real-Time

Remotely monitor soil moisture to reduce waterlogged areas and root-rod damage

Configure Alerts

Receive text or email alerts if soil moisture level is low and action needs to be taken by the farmer.

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