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Utility Monitoring & Crop Management

The world's population is projected to grow to almost 10 billion people by mid-century, meaning that the agricultural industry will need to drastically increase food production while decreasing the amount of land we use to grow it. How? This vertical farming IoT solution is purpose-built to optimize crop yield while reducing the land and resources required.

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Smart Aeroponics

This solution automates and enables vertical farming, creating the optimal environment for plant growth to increase yields and reduce costs. Cut water usage by up to 95% and use over 90% less land, all while harvesting 80% more.

Remote Monitoring

Our dashboard will serve as command center for your vertical farm, allowing you to monitor everything from temperature to humidity.

Smart Lighting

Use LED lights to create a specific light recipe for each crop and optimize for plant growth and nutrition.

Smart Nutrition

Monitor the nutrients provided to your crops and use data-driven algorithms to ensure they’re receiving the optimal levels for growth.

Track Crop Growth

Remotely track crop growth and personalize each crop’s environment to ensure optimal performance.

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Our platform is purpose-built to be open and flexible, meaning that we can easily and quickly customize to your specific applications and business needs.

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