Smart City Waste Management 

As populations continue to move to urban centers and swell city populations, efficient waste management will become critical. Improper waste management can attract vermin, release pollution and toxins, and create unpleasant living for local residents. The smart city waste management solution enables you to remotely monitor waste bins, so you can optimize waste collection routes and get notifications to identify potential issues.

Smart City Waste Management 

This solution enables you to easily retrofit waste bins to begin monitoring exact fill levels and other factors like temperature and dangerous gases. Combining this data with our advanced analytics, you can optimize waste collection routes to reduce operational expenditures by as much as 50% and proactively identify and address safety and health issues.

Optimize Collection to Reduce Costs

Here are some of the ways that this solution would enable you to more intelligently manage your waste collection to reduce costs by up to 50% while improving safety and quality-of-living for residents.

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Monitor Waste Bin Capacity

Remotely monitor waste bins by using low-powered sensors that last years on battery life and can be easily retrofitted to existing bins.

Optimize Waste Collection

Create routes that optimize based on bin capacity and placement, improving labor utilization and minimizing gas usage to reduce your expenditures.

Ensure Safety

Track air quality and temperatures in bins to identify dangerous gases and ensure safety for waste collectors and residents.

Configure Alerts

Set up alerts to notify you about any number of conditions including fill level, temperature, and air quality.

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