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Water Utilities Management Solution

Operating a utility business can be particularly difficult, especially when maximizing the ROI. In the water utility space, per capita water usage has decreased, infrastructure has aged, and water itself has become more expensive to collect. With this water utility management solution, public and private organizations in charge of water supply can track usage, maintain infrastructure, and receive alerts about a city’s water system.

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Make the Most of Smart Meters

This solution enables you to closely monitor a city’s water usage, view current usage and usage patterns, track meter health, and receive alerts on emergency events. Utilize real-time and historical data to maintain infrastructure with preventative maintenance to prevent emergencies and keep customers happy and healthy.

Configure Custom Alerts

Disperse critical information to shorten response time, decrease lost revenue, and improve customer satisfaction

Track Event History

Visualize infrastructure-related events, such as main breaks or construction, to understand infrastructure health

Manage Meter Health

Ensure all water usage is accurately tracked and billed, to avoid lost revenue and prevent leaks or breaks

Monitor Usage

Closely monitor a city’s water usage via smart meters to avoid overuse with views at many levels

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