IoT Use Cases

Solar Power

Proactive monitoring, maintenance, and optimization of any sized solar application. Our predictive analytics generate crucial insights for industrial and consumer applications alike. Easily track everything you need to know about your solar energy system. Automatically schedule maintenance at exactly the right time; not before it's needed and not after it’s broken and costing you money. Optimize power output to decrease your energy bill and help the environment.

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Solar Power IoT Use Case
Home Security IoT Dashboard

Small Business Automation

Comprehensive integration of security devices and smart building technologies allows you to remotely manage your entire enterprise. Set alerts for suspicious activity, monitor environmental conditions, and develop a daily schedule that optimizes business resources; all through an intuitive user interface.

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Asset Tracking & Management

Whether it’s manufacturing, construction, or transportation/logistics, drastically increase operational efficiency to cut costs and drive revenue. We combine close monitoring of your assets with machine learning and predictive analytics to give you real, actionable insights that improve the entire value chain. Track and visualize your costs, predict when assets need maintenance, and intelligently manage all your assets in one place.

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Asset Management IoT Use Case
IoT Drones Use Case

Aging in Place

Ensure that your parents, relatives, or grandparents are safe and healthy while giving them the autonomy and privacy that they deserve. With our Aging-in-Place solution, you can check in from anywhere in the world and know that the HVAC is working properly, the house isn't flooded, there aren't any gas leaks, and your loved one is moving around the house.

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Tank Level Monitoring

Oil & gas, water, bulk storage, chemical storage, whatever your industry, our Tank Level Monitoring solution will drastically increase your operational efficiency and eliminate the need for manual inspection of tank levels. Get real-time, high-precision information on the exact levels of the liquid or gas in your storage tanks. Our solution supports all tank level monitoring methods including ultrasonic, radar, magnetic level, float switch, and more.

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Asset Management IoT Use Case

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