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We’re laser focused on empowering businesses in every industry with IoT-powered applications for fixed and mobile assets, indoor and outdoor. Our foundational technology and people-powered approach adapts to your unique needs - not the other way around.

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Custom usually means complex, slow, and expensive. Not with Leverege. We embrace customization and have spent years building the flexible software technology and industry best practices to ensure success for our customers.

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Why Leverege

An Intelligence-First Approach to IoT
Data & Applications

Enterprise AI Fabric

Amplify data-driven decisioning by leveraging enterprise AI/ML pipelines for predictive analysis and hyper-efficient workflows.

No-Code Rules Engine

Create, update and manage custom business logic for alerts, analytics, and events with no-code tooling.

Data Visualizations

Build custom analytics dashboards and powerful role-based data visualizations without writing a single line of code.

Actionable Insights

Turn sensor data into insights by surfacing key business metrics with our dynamic application builder.

IoT Applications Made Simple

Reduce Technical Complexity

Leverege provides a flexible software stack for building IoT applications, which includes application templates and handles hardware and network integration, security and permissions, firmware management, infrastructure, and more so your business doesn't have to.

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See how businesses are optimizing operations, automating workflows, increasing revenue, and improving customer experience across a wide spectrum of industries and use cases with Leverege.

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Enterprise-Grade & Future-Proof

The Leverege IoT Stack Is Your Innovation Engine

We've spent nearly a decade building a highly flexible software stack that enables IoT applications across dozens of industries and use cases. Whether you want to start with one of our application templates or build a fully customized IoT application, the Leverege IoT Stack is the perfect fit for enterprise intelligence powered by IoT.

Many Application Types

The Leverege IoT Stack can flexibly address a variety of different applications, which generally fall into these four categories.

The Leverege IoT Stack
The Leverege IoT Stack

At our core is a highly flexible software development engine that makes it simple to develop, deploy, and manage enterprise-grade, massive scale asset management applications for many use cases and industries.

Device & Connectivity Agnostic

Switch device and connectivity types or add more as your business needs evolve to future-proof your applications and avoid costly rework.

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People First

We have great people who want to do well, are capable of great things, and come to work fired up to do them. Great people flourish in environments that liberate and amplify that energy, so our top priority is to create that environment.

Remote First

We want to hire and empower the best people to do their best work, regardless of their geographic location or chronotype. We want our people to spend less time commuting and more time on what matters to them.

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