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Accelerated IoT

We're a forward-leaning solutions provider with fully integrated products built to handle any IoT project

Our IoT Platform

Complete IoT Development and Deployment




Jumpstart Package
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Prototyping & Development

Our simulation capabilities allow you to rapidly prototype and develop, with or without hardware.

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Leverege IoT Platform
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Launch & Production

Our IoT platform is open and secure, easily scaling and adapting to successfully launch your IoT solution.

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Ongoing Support
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Refinement & Expansion

Our team will be with you every step of the way, supporting your rapid growth as you refine and add new features

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Your Device

MQTT? AMQP? STOMP? No matter your protocol or device, our engineers can help connect your device to the cloud.

Our Cloud

Whether it’s simple storage or machine learning, we will transform your data and make it useful and actionable.

Your Interface

We will craft an intuitive and user-friendly UI for your data; instantly understood by the people who need it.

An End-to-End Systems Integration Platform

Jumpstart Pro


Simulation allows you to prototype and iterate quickly and efficiently without any hardware.

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Leverege IoT Platform

Reason & Vision

Our IoT platform uses machine learning to breakdown and analyze big data, so your user only receives data that matters.

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Consulting Services

Tech Support

Our platform is applicable to many verticals and use cases and easily scales to meet any solution.

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IoT Dashbaord

Simulation: Our Secret Sauce

Rapid prototyping, proof-of-concepts, and demonstrations are a snap with our robust simulation capability. Showcase the benefits of your IoT project to stakeholders and prospects months before you’ve finished integrating the hardware and connectivity. Get your IoT ideas up and running faster than ever.


Built for Any Use Case

Whatever your application or vertical, we have you covered. Whether it’s solar power, small business automation, asset tracking, aging in place, or something else entirely, our platform is built to handle it all. We use the latest advances in machine learning and predictive analytics to drive actionable insights for any IoT application.

Use Cases

Leaders in the Field

We want to push the boundaries of the internet of things. Our team members are constantly researching new ideas and blogging about it on various platforms.

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Connect your things. Connect with us.

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