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Service Tracking

Tire replacement, pet daycare, the services are different but the problems are the same for all industries. Manually logging steps in the service process, inaccurately predicting wait times, fielding customer calls about their service status; it doesn't have to be that way anymore. Enhance your service delivery to exceed customer expectations and improve your operational efficiency.


Service-based organizations strive to deliver services faster and at lower cost, without comprising customer experience. However, processes like timekeeping or log entries are manual, error prone, unstandardized, and not real-time, making it hard to trust data quality and to accurately predict service times. These operational inefficiencies and unpredictable service times increase overhead costs and decrease customer satisfaction.


Leverege's machine learning-based service tracking application improves the customer experience and drives operational efficiency for a wide range of industries. Through integration with existing workflows and real-time detection of assets moving through process states, the application calculates expected service times and generates notifications at critical checkpoints. Historical data visualizations of session times and equipment usage empowers you to track promise time targets, make better resourcing decisions, and optimize throughput.

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