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Rental Equipment Optimization for Oilfield Service Providers

Light towers, rig mats, generators, pumps, and other equipment are high-cost assets so it’s critical to maximize return, but the inability to monitor usage, the complexity of managing inventory, and increasing competition all combine to reduce profits. The Leverege Rental Equipment Optimization solution empowers Oilfield Service Providers to increase revenue and customer satisfaction with usage-based billing, reduce overhead required to manage inventory, and differentiate services from the competition.

Increase Revenue & Customer Satisfaction

Automatically Track Usage to Enable Usage-Based Billing

Vibration sensors detect exactly when equipment is being used, enabling you to accurately bill customers for usage with minimal overhead.

Give Customers What They Want

Customers want usage-based billing because it enables them to more closely match their costs to their revenue, making for happier customers willing to pay a premium.

Increase Prices and Drive More Revenue

Since customers are willing to pay a premium for usage-based pricing, you can increase prices and earn more revenue.

Easily Manage & Reconcile Your Inventory

Reduce Complexity Across Many Customers and Locations

Get a global view of your inventory across all customers and all locations, all updated in real-time.

Save Time with Automatic Reconciliation Reports

Reconcile your entire inventory instantly, no manual process needed.

Differentiate Your Services from Competitors

Enable Your Customers to Mitigate Theft and Tampering

When customers rent your equipment, they can set up alerts for when equipment is moved unexpectedly, helping to mitigate theft and identify tampering.

Enable Your Customers to Immediately Find Equipment

Customers frequently lose track of equipment, spending frustrating time looking for what they need. When customers rent your equipment, you can give them access to a portal to view the real-time location of all equipment.

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