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Surgical Kit Asset Management for Orthopedic OEMs

Surgical kits are high-value assets worth anywhere from $10K-$50K, so orthopedic OEMs need to maximize return on their assets. However, low average turns, unnecessary costs, and manual audits all conspire to hurt profitability. The Leverege Surgical Kit Asset Management solution enables orthopedic OEMs to improve sales efficiency, increase average turns, eliminate unnecessary costs, and automate audits meaning more revenue at a lower cost.

Increase Average Turns & Per-Asset Revenue

Enable Reps to Sell More

Less time managing inventory and hunting down kits means more time spent servicing customers and making sales.

Get Notified About Bottlenecks

Is a customer holding on to a kit too long after using it? Is a rep hoarding inventory to increase their commission? Set up automatic alerts to catch issues early.

Eliminate Unnecessary Costs & Increase Profit

Never Lose Another Kit

Get the current location of every kit and stop being forced to write-off lost assets.

Stop Rush Shipping

By reducing burden on reps to manage inventory, they can better plan and reduce costs by using normal shipping.

Optimize Inventory Allocation Across Regions

Does the North East need more inventory to meet unexpected demand? Instead of producing more kits, save costs by quickly identifying if there’s excess inventory to reallocate from another region.

Automatically Audit Inventory, Instantly

No Wasted Time Spent Chasing Down Reps

Get a view of all your global inventory in one place, with status updated daily so you never have to do a manual audit again.

Filter to Just What You Need

Need to get a specific count or list of assets? No problem. Easily filter based on region, last time used, and much more.

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