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Remote Monitoring

Fuel tanks, waste bins, vehicle lifts, manufacturing machinery, the assets are different but the problems are the same for all industries. Manually checking status, unexpected downtime, suboptimal utilization, safety violations; it doesn't have to be that way anymore. Monitor the status of your remote assets both indoors and outdoors with Leverege's low-cost, tailored remote monitoring application.


Do you know the current status of all your important remote assets? It can be highly tedious and even dangerous to manually check the status of unattended assets. If you don't periodically check the status of your assets, you risk unexpected downtime, suboptimal utilization, and safety violations. This ultimately results in lost revenue, high maintenance costs, theft, and penalties if you fail to comply with regulations.


Leverege's remote monitoring application provides the real-time status of all your remote assets. No longer will you or your employees need to manually check assets, which means reduced costs, increased efficiency, and improved safety. Configure and set alerts so that you're notified during key events, such as an asset moving from where it's supposed to be or a temperature reading exceeding a threshold. Capture historical data for auditing and compliance, and apply machine learning to your data to generate predictive insights.

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