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Retail Shelf Utilization Monitoring

Retailers often struggle with maintaining optimal inventory levels on their shelves due to a lack of visibility into stock levels, inaccurate sales forecasting, and suboptimal product placement. This can result in empty or under-stocked shelves, leading to dissatisfied customers, lost sales, and decreased revenue. By implementing a retail shelf utilization monitoring solution, retailers can better manage their inventory, optimize their shelf space, and ultimately provide a better shopping experience for their customers while increasing their revenue.

Improved Productivity

By automating shelf monitoring and inventory management, retailers can optimize their operations, which frees staff to focus on more value-added tasks like customer service and merchandising.

Enhanced Customer Experience

By ensuring that the store shelves are always well-stocked, retailers can provide customers with a more positive shopping experience, increasing loyalty and repeat business.

Optimized Inventory Control

Maintaining a consistently stocked front of store allows for better inventory management by providing accurate insight into how much inventory is available at any given time.

Real-Time Shelf Utilization Monitoring

Access Real-Time and Historical Data on Shelf Utilization

Identify under-stocked aisles and establish threshold alerts based on shelf utilization percentages.

Restocking Analytics to Predict Aisle Popularity

Obtain insights into how frequently an aisle needs restocking per day, week, or month. This can be used to determine the highest-performing and lowest-performing aisles in your store.

Alerts for Empty Shelves and Low Inventory

Receive Real-Time Alerts for Shelving

Send alerts & hourly reports to store associates with a breakdown of empty & low shelves per aisle, increasing their productivity by having them focus on where restocking is needed.

Customizable Alert and Report Thresholds

Customize the alert and report thresholds to ensure that staff efficiency is optimized.

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