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Closed-Loop Pallet Tracking for CPG Manufacturers

CPG manufacturers have typically used wooden pallets, but the cost of wooden pallets has significantly increased (especially during the pandemic) and they break easily, spreading wooden splinters everywhere. Plastic pallets are better but they’re more expensive upfront, making it critical to get maximum ROI on these assets. The Leverege Closed-Loop Pallet Tracking solution enables CPG manufacturers to confidently transition to plastic pallets, saving significant costs in the long-run and ensuring that ROI is maximized by increasing average turns, holding customers accountable for returns, and never losing a pallet.

Reduce Shrinkage

Decrease pallets' loss, theft, damage, and spoilage by providing complete visibility into their location and status.

Enhanced Efficiency

Identify delays and bottlenecks in pallet operations to move more products quickly with fewer pallets, increasing the overall turnover rate.

Cost Reduction

Save time and money by minimizing the need to reconcile inventory, search for missing pallets, or purchase extra pallets.

Use Plastic Pallets & Get >50% Cost Saving

Plastic Pallets Are More Cost Effective Long-Term

Plastic pallets last up to 10 years, averaging 400 turns per pallet, meaning lower total pallet costs plus less time spent cleaning up wood splinters.

Maximize ROI By Tracking Pallet Location

Identify Bottlenecks to Increase Average Turns

Higher turns means fewer total pallets needed and lower capital costs. View average turn time by origin location, destination, etc. to identify bottlenecks and increase efficiency.

Get Your Pallets Back Faster

Knowing the location of your pallets enables you to hold customers accountable, levying fines and/or providing rebates for returning your pallets in a timely manner.

Never Lose a Pallet

Easily track down misplaced or stolen pallets with automatic pallet location.

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