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Pallet Tracking & Utilization

An adequate supply of pallets is crucial for any business shipping orders on pallets. When there is a lack of visibility on their location or status, pallets - whether loaded or empty - can be misplaced, neglected, or damaged. This can lead to inventory leakage; slower pallet turns, and poor pallet utilization, resulting in inefficiencies and higher costs. Our Pallet Tracking solution offers businesses complete transparency into their pallets, empowering them with the valuable insights they need to optimize their pallet operations and maximize efficiency.

Reduce Shrinkage

Decrease pallets' loss, theft, damage, and spoilage by providing complete visibility into their location and status.

Enhanced Efficiency

Identify delays and bottlenecks in pallet operations to move more products quickly with fewer pallets, increasing the overall turnover rate.

Cost Reduction

Save time and money by minimizing the need to reconcile inventory, search for missing pallets, or purchase extra pallets.

Pallet Traceability Across the Supply Chain

Real-Time & Historical Utilization Data

Easily locate any pallet in real-time using a responsive desktop and mobile web application. You can quickly identify a pallet's current location and view its historical movements over a user-configurable time range, giving you complete transparency and control over your pallet operations.

Location Alerts and Dwell Time Dashboards

Receive alerts when pallets enter or exit specific locations of interest, enabling you to react quickly to shipment updates. You can also monitor the amount of time a pallet spends in a particular location using dwell time dashboards and receive alerts when a pallet has spent too long there. This feature helps you identify and resolve any inefficiencies in your pallet management process, improving overall efficiency and reducing costs.

Streamline Pallet Operations

Turn Performance Analysis

Dive into pallet utilization by assessing turn metrics across the organization. View average turn time by origin location, destination, or other dimensions, and quickly identify over- and under-performers based on configurable thresholds

Dwell Time Reduction and Operational Bottleneck Identification

Our system can help you reduce dwell time by providing a dashboard that summarizes the locations and pallets with the highest average dwell time, those in unapproved locations, or those that are otherwise idle. By identifying these bottlenecks through reporting thresholds, you can take corrective action to streamline future processes, reduce delays, and improve overall operational efficiency.

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