Leverege Connect

Securely Connect Your
IoT Devices to the Cloud

Leverege Connect™ enables you to easily and securely connect your devices to the cloud, manage your devices inside of registries & device groups, and route your data to your own pub/sub topic or the Leverege IoT Stack. It's a drop-in replacement for Google IoT Core; providing the same pricing tiers, features, and performance with free white-glove migration assistance.

Leverege IoT Stack Overview
Device & Device Group Management

Create, edit, and direct individual devices or groups of devices via API or via the Connect UI to effectively manage your devices whether you have a hundred or a million.

Secure Key Pairs & Authentication Methods

Connect provides public key authentication so you even verify device identity. Enforce authentication at the device level or the registry level, providing flexibility to accelerate testing and ensure security at scale.

Multiple Supported Protocols & No-Code Message Routing

Connect supports many protocols (MQTT, HTTP, UDP, etc.), enabling Connect to receive your device data and then route your data using no-code integrations with Google Pub/Sub and the rest of the Leverege IoT Stack.

Device & Device Group Management

Efficiently and effectively manage your device groups, devices, and workflows with Connect.

Define Device Groups & Relationships

Organize devices within your registry into different groups with no-code workflows, enabling you to effectively manage large numbers of devices and their associated logic.

Role-Based User Management

Control who has access to which devices, device groups, and registries with robust role-based permissioning plus pre-made roles to get started quickly.

Secure Key Pairs & Authentication Methods

Utilize secure & configurable authentication methods to ensure that your system works perfectly for everything from testing to scale.

Flexible Registry-Level Configuration

Use registries to provide a self-signed or third-party verified X.509 certificate and ensure the integrity of device-level encryption keys. You also have the flexibility to use your own authentication instead of Connect's, using Connect as just the data transport layer.

Enterprise-Grade Security Made Simple

Device authentication combines JWT tokens with asymmetric key pairs (RSA or Elliptic Curve) to provide strong but simple security.

Multiple Supported Protocols & No-Code Message Routing

Connect provides fine-tuned control over how your data flows in and out of our system.

No-Code Message Routing & Workflow Management

Create multiple actions for each registry and/or for each device group for granular control over device data flow.

Multiple Protocols Supported

Connect supports a variety of protocols including MQTT, HTTP, UDP, and more.

Do You Just Want a Tailored IoT Application?

The Leverege IoT Stack is powerful, but you don't need to use it directly. Leverege's tailored IoT applications are still highly configurable, no development needed.

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Get Ahead of Your Competition

Building everything from scratch means slower time-to-market, increased costs, and greater risk. Accelerate your IoT application development and decrease the overhead of ongoing management by using the powerful and flexible Leverege IoT Stack.