The Leverege IoT Stack

Developing IoT applications? Don't start from scratch. Decrease the time, cost, and risk of developing, deploying, and managing your own IoT applications by using the Leverege IoT Stack which leverages the latest advances in containerized software design, machine learning, and open source architectures.

What is the Leverege IoT Stack?

The Leverege IoT Stack is an integrated set of four cloud-native software components that accelerate the development, deployment, and management of enterprise-grade, massive scale IoT applications for a variety of use cases and industries. IoT Changes Everything™.

Leverege Connect

Securely Connect Your
IoT Devices to the Cloud

Leverege Connect™ enables you to easily and securely connect your devices to the cloud, manage your devices inside of registries & device groups, and route your data to your own pub/sub topic or the Leverege IoT Stack.

Device & Device Group Management
Secure Key Pairs & Authentication Methods
Multiple Supported Protocols & No-Code Message Routing
Leverege Architect

Define Your Data Models, Ingest Data Sources, & Customize Your Business Logic

Leverege Architect provides the foundational tools and APIs to architect your IoT application by creating digital twins that model the real world, defining the system hierarchy, ingesting data from multiple sources, customizing logic and workflows, and build upon our enterprise AI fabric.

Flexible Data Models & System Hierarchy
APIs to Ingest and/or Expose Data
Customizable Workflows & Powerful AI/ML Pipelines
Leverege Build

Build Your Applications with Standardized Plugins, Custom Plugins, & Global Theming Engine

Leverege Build provides a set of standardized plug-ins for key features, enables you to custom develop and add plug-ins of your own to extend functionality, and ensures the right look and feel across the entire application with a global theming engine.

Powerful No-Code UI Configuration for Groups & Individuals
Tools to Develop & Add Custom Plug-ins
Global UI Theming Engine
Leverege Amplify

Empower End-Users with Powerful UIs Tailored to Their Needs

Leverege Amplify provides end-users with beautifully designed UIs that include the actionable data views your end-users need, and everything can be tailored on a per-role basis using no-code configuration.

Clean & Responsive UIs for Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile
Actionable Data Views (Map, Table, Gantt, Graph, and More)
Powerful No-Code UI Configuration for Groups & Individuals

Turn Data into Decisions with the Leverege AI Fabric

The Leverege Stack is a powerful tool for enterprise AI/ML applications, surfacing insight-rich data pipelines that drive higher levels of automation, digital transformation, and business value. Take sensor-based decisioning to the next level with our fully integrated AI fabric tailored to any application or industry.

Optimized Modeling & Training

Ensure the highest levels of accuracy, precision, and recall by harvesting business-specific data via the Leverege IoT Stack and training targeted and diverse ML models.

Edge & Cloud ML Pipelines

Ensure resiliency and reliability of the solution with a feedback-based MLOps architecture designed for peak performance under changing conditions.

Computer Vision

Confidently detect objects, monitor events, and classify scenes in real-time using cameras-as-sensors for predictive maintenance, workflow automation, and advanced analytics.

Deploy Your Way

You don't need to sacrifice customizability to get speed and scalability, you can have all three. The Leverege IoT Stack enables you to flexibly deploy your IoT applications based on the needs of your business and the use case.

Modern Deployments

Take advantage of modern CI/CD pipelines to build, test, and deploy natively and securely in the cloud.

Cloud Agnostic

Run your IoT application serverless on the cloud providers of your choice and have it managed with Kubernetes.

Flexible Architecture

Deploy your IoT applications at the edge, in the cloud, on-premise, or with a hybrid architecture.

Secure By Default

The Leverege IoT Stack adheres to the highest levels of security and routinely undergoes third-party audits and penetration testing to ensure compliance with the latest standards.

Security is applied at each step in the development and deployment of any IoT application built with the Leverege IoT Stack.

Static Code Analysis

Leverege's Continuous Integration (CI) process automatically inspects each line of code developed, and all software packages and dependencies are audited against a known list of vulnerabilities on every build. In addition to static code analysis, container images are validated and artifact metadata is inspected to complete the audit trail.

Secured from DDOS Attacks

This first layer of defense enforces TLS encryption and applies HTTP security headers proactively if incoming traffic is missing them. JWT and OAuth-based authentication schemes are employed, and two-factor authentication methods are enforced to mitigate phishing attacks and unauthorized access.

Industry-level Encryption

All data in transit and at rest are encrypted, and the principle of least privilege is applied for all users, groups, and service accounts. Compliance measures are enforced and updated when changes are detected.

Develop Applications for Any Industry

Automotive, manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture, supply chain/logistics, marine; IoT applications for these industries have many of the same core needs. The Leverege IoT Stack gets you 80% of the way there so you can focus on the unique 20% that differentiates you IoT application and business.


Do you know the current location of all your important mobile assets? Enterprises waste significant resources manually inventorying assets, hunting down missing assets, and replacing assets that are permanently lost or stolen. This ultimately results in reduced operational efficiency, increased costs, and lost revenue.


Leverege's asset tracking application enables precise real-time and historical tracking of assets across indoor and outdoor locations. Always know the current location of your assets, set up alerts and notifications, and generate actionable insights to improve the efficiency of your organization.


Do you know the current status of all your important remote assets? It can be highly tedious and even dangerous to manually check the status of unattended assets. If you don't periodically check the status of your assets, you risk unexpected downtime, suboptimal utilization, and safety violations. This ultimately results in lost revenue, high maintenance costs, theft, and penalties if you fail to comply with regulations.


Leverege's remote monitoring application provides the real-time status of all your remote assets. No longer will you or your employees need to manually check assets, which means reduced costs, increased efficiency, and improved safety. Configure and set alerts so that you're notified during key events, such as an asset moving from where it's supposed to be or a temperature reading exceeding a threshold. Capture historical data for auditing and compliance, and apply machine learning to your data to generate predictive insights.


Organizations with complex operations and workflows can suffer from duplicated work, internal confusion, and high process overhead. Teams often need to transfer materials to each other to complete tasks, but information can get incorrectly relayed or lost, processing can get delayed, and bottlenecks can throttle throughput. As processes get more complicated, teams may create shadow systems as workarounds to a cumbersome workflow, further siloing an organization and fragmenting sources of truth.


Leverege’s workflow automation application unlocks powerful insights about organizational workflows and enables workflows to be digitized and even automated. With features including real-time asset tracking at meter-level accuracy, historical data aggregations, events and alerts, analytics dashboards, and inventory reporting, organizations can quickly identify workflow efficiencies and build new digital-first workflows to streamline operations and capture key data in one place.


Service-based organizations strive to deliver services faster and at lower cost, without comprising customer experience. However, processes like timekeeping or log entries are manual, error prone, unstandardized, and not real-time, making it hard to trust data quality and to accurately predict service times. These operational inefficiencies and unpredictable service times increase overhead costs and decrease customer satisfaction.


Leverege's machine learning-based service tracking application improves the customer experience and drives operational efficiency for a wide range of industries. Through integration with existing workflows and real-time detection of assets moving through process states, the application calculates expected service times and generates notifications at critical checkpoints. Historical data visualizations of session times and equipment usage empowers you to track promise time targets, make better resourcing decisions, and optimize throughput.

Millions of Devices Connected

The Leverege IoT Stack powers large-scale, business-critical IoT applications with millions of devices deployed. Ready to develop a killer IoT application? Help us connect the next million. IoT Changes Everything™.