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Bottom of Basket for Grocery Stores

Grocery stores have tight margins and experience double the rate of shrinkage (3-4%) as non-grocery retailers. A significant source of shrinkage is unpaid items in the bottoms of shopping carts. The Leverege Bottom of Basket solution automatically detects items in the bottom of shopping carts to alert cashiers and ensure that all items are paid for, reducing shrinkage and improving the bottom line.

Reliably Identifys at Checkout

Automatically Detect Items in the Bottom of the Cart

AI-powered cameras reliably detect items, meaning less human error and less shrinkage.

Alert Cashiers Only When Necessary

Reduce alert fatigue by only alerting cashiers when there’s an item in the bottom of a cart. Integration with the POS also means you can ensure the items in the bottom of the cart get scanned before proceeding.

Reduce Shrinkage & Improve the Bottom Line

Ensure All Items Are Paid For

Whether intentional or unintentional, stop customers from walking out without paying for the items in the bottom of their cart to reduce shrinkage and increase profits.

Get Insight to Inform Improvements

Compare across different lanes, times of day, and stores to detect patterns and target process improvements that improve the bottom line.

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