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Yard Management for Auto Manufacturers

Manufacturing tens of thousands of automobiles is hard and, although many processes are automated, workers are still forced to manually search for vehicles during manufacture and during staging for shipment which means increased labor costs, delays to production, delays to shipments, and difficulty identifying process bottlenecks. The Leverege Yard Management solution enables workers to instantly locate vehicles both inside the plant and out on the yard, meaning reduced labor costs and delays plus automatic identification of bottlenecks to improve process efficiency.

Instantly Locate Vehicles to Reduce Labor Costs & Delays

Simplify Staging Processes

With real-time location of all vehicles, vehicles can be parked in general lots instead of specific parking spaces for staging, drastically reducing complexity and labor.

Eliminate Shipment Delays

Vehicles get parked in the wrong spots or get unknowingly moved. No longer do workers have to spend hours searching for a vehicle, delaying shipments; now they can immediately find vehicles from desktop or mobile.

Quickly Find Shortage Vehicles to Increase Velocity

Get Vehicles Back in Production Faster

When the missing components arrive or a vehicle that failed QA is ready to be addressed, workers can instantly find the vehicles wherever they are, indoors or outdoors, and put them back into production.

Automatically Flag Idle Vehicles

Get notified when a vehicle has been sitting in a designated zone for too long to ensure that bottlenecks are addressed and vehicles keep moving through the process.

Identify Bottlenecks to Improve Process Efficiency

Automatically Get the Data to Visualize Your Processes

Clearly see where the major delays are in your processes and generate insights that enable you to effectively target process improvements.

Set Custom Alerts for Anomalous Activity

Configure how long vehicles should spend in each stage of the process and get notified when vehicles exceed expected time so you can look into the root causes.

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