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IoT Solutions in the Healthcare Industry

Smart Healthcare Applications

From the hospital setting to the home, the IoT solutions that we power in healthcare help staff and providers to monitor patient health, predict issues before they occur, and provide a better overall experience for both patients and residents.

Smart Hospitals

Connected Medical Equipment

Remote Patient Monitoring

Gain Critical Insights to Provide Better Care

Here are some of the ways that IoT healthcare solutions would enable you to provide better care to residents by leveraging real-time information on your patients and equipment.

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Monitor Health

Gain real-time insight into patient and resident health, so you can immediately provide assistance if needed.

Empower Seniors

Provide greater autonomy and freedom to seniors by enabling voice interfaces and other intuitive ways to interact with a smart environment.

Gain Actionable Insights

Transform all your medical and patient data with advanced analytics and machine learning to gain insights you didn't even know you needed.

Track Medical Equipment

Know the real-time location of all your critical equipment so you never lose an asset and so equipment is always where it needs to be when it's needed.

Idenfity Abnormalities

Get notified when a patient's or resident's behavior deviates from their baseline to proactively address issues before they manifest.

Predict Equipment Maintenance

Perform maintenance on equipment before it breaks, minimizing downtime to reduce your costs and make sure your hospital always has the equipment it needs.

Healthcare Use Cases

Our platform is purpose-built to be open and flexible, meaning that we can easily and quickly customize to your specific applications and business needs. This has enabled us to successfully power multiple IoT solutions for the healthcare industry, just check out some of our use cases.

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