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Environmental Monitoring for Hospitals

Environmental monitoring in hospitals is a manual and time-consuming process. If problems arise and aren’t corrected quickly, valuable and sensitive inventory can become compromised and get thrown out or endanger patients. The Leverege Environmental Monitoring solution provides real-time alerts for temperature threshold violations, 24/7 monitoring, and historical reports to ensure compliance with healthcare regulations.

Prevent Costly Losses with Real-Time Alerts

Get Alerted for Threshold Violations

Receive instant alerts via text or email when temperature or humidity fall outside customizable thresholds, enabling you to catch problems early and avoid compromised inventory.

Spend More Time Helping Patients

Eliminate Manual Monitoring

Never manually check or record environmental conditions again so you can spend more time on high-value activities like caring for patients.

Auto-Generate Reports to Demonstrate Compliance

Generate Comprehensive Compliance Documentation

Quickly generate comprehensive documentation of historical temperature and humidity conditions that can be readily presented during regulatory audits.

Prevent Penalties for Non-Compliance

Track and demonstrate adherence to environmental standards to avoid fines associated with regulatory non-compliance, ensuring that resources are allocated towards patient care rather than regulatory fines.

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