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Marine Fleet Management

Our Marine Fleet Management Product addresses the challenge of efficiently managing and maintaining marine fleets for boat rental companies and owners. One primary problem we solve is the lack of real-time visibility into vessel location and condition, which can lead to safety hazards and delayed decision-making. Our solution provides complete visibility into your fleet, including real-time and historical data from dock to open sea. Customizable alerts for geofence and condition violations notify you of critical issues, such as boats entering hazardous areas or exceeding bilge pump run time thresholds.

Improved Safety

With customizable alerts for geofence and condition violations, you can ensure that your fleet operates safely and within regulatory compliance.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance insights allow you to proactively schedule maintenance and repairs, reducing costly downtime and ensuring that your fleet is always in top condition.

Enhanced Security

Enforcing geofences for allowable areas and monitoring for unauthorized movement outside rental hours protects your rental boats from theft and gives you peace of mind.

Fleet Visibility From the Dock to the Open Sea

Real-Time Location Tracking and Alerts

Stay informed about your marine fleet's location and condition with our real-time and historical data tracking system. Our solution provides complete visibility into your vessels' whereabouts, from the dock to the open sea, allowing you to make informed decisions quickly.

Customizable Alerts for Geofence and Condition Violations

Set geofences around hazardous areas to get notified if a boat enters dangerous territory or receive alerts if any threshold is violated, such as the bilge pump running for too long. Our system allows you to customize alerts and thresholds, ensuring you stay informed of critical issues affecting your marine fleet.

Remote Control and Maintenance for Your Boat

Remotely Control and Monitor Your Boat

Our solution allows boat owners to remotely monitor and control their boats, including accessing remote diagnostics for health and condition data such as fuel levels, engine performance, battery status, and more.

Predictive Maintenance Insights

Our product provides boat owners with predictive maintenance insights, allowing rental companies to proactively schedule maintenance and repairs, reducing costly downtime and ensuring that boats are always in top condition.

Ensure Compliance With Your Rental Rules

Enforce Geofences for Allowable Areas

Ensure renters comply with rental rules and stay within allowed areas by setting and managing geofences that alert you and renters when the boat is outside of the designated area.

Prevent Theft and Ensure Security

Protect your rental boats from theft by monitoring for any unauthorized movement outside of rental hours. Receive alerts based on motion detection or if the boat leaves the dock to prevent any theft attempts and give you peace of mind.

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