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Livestock Track & Trace

Our Livestock Track & Trace solution provides real-time tracking and behavior monitoring of grazing cows for improved herd management, increased security, and legal compliance. With remote monitoring capabilities and insights into daily activity levels, feed intake, and distance traveled farmers can increase productivity and reduce waste.

Achieve Greater Transparency

Ensure compliance with legal grazing requirements and prevent reputational damage by providing proof of adherence. By providing a clear audit trail, you can also demonstrate your commitment to ethical and sustainable practices.

Improve Livestock Health and Safety

With real-time tracking and behavior monitoring, you can quickly identify potential issues or concerns with your cows, such as illness or theft. This allows you to take quick action, leading to healthier and safer livestock.

Enhance Operational Efficiency

You can easily monitor daily operations and make better decisions by providing a birds-eye view of your farm and ongoing operations remotely. This leads to more efficient and effective farming practices, ultimately reducing operational costs and increasing profitability.

Herd Location & Behavior Monitoring

Track Livestock Location & Geofence Events

Receive alerts when your cows enter or exit different geofences, allowing you to identify theft, animal breakouts, and illegal grazing areas, giving you greater control over your livestock and the ability to take quick action if any cows go missing or are in danger. Additionally, the metrics provided by these features, such as distance traveled and average daily distance covered, can be used to monitor cow movement and behavior, leading to better farming practices and healthier livestock.

Monitor Cow Behavior & Health

Receive a daily report on your cow's behavior, including feed intake and time spent grazing, walking, and stationary, allowing you to quickly identify any potential issues or concerns with your cows, such as illness, death, stolen cows getting spooked, or animal attack. The feature can also alert you if the cow's behavior changes over time, helping you keep your cows healthy and safe.

Ensure Quality & Compliance Remotely

Remote Access & Control

Get a bird's-eye view of your farm and its ongoing operations, no matter where you are. If you're a remote farm owner with a farm manager running daily operations, this feature can provide peace of mind that your livestock is being taken care of and that the farm is running smoothly. You can make better decisions with valuable insights into the daily operations of your farm.

Proof of Compliance

Quickly provide proof of compliance with legal grazing requirements, reducing the risk of legal penalties or reputational damage. In addition, access & analyze estimated methane emissions, ensuring that your farming practices align with regulatory requirements while promoting environmental responsibility.

Identify Illegal Grazing & Carbon Impact

Audit Grazing History & Identify Illegal Grazing

Audit the supplier and ensure that their cows did not illegally graze on deforested lands, especially in regions with laws requiring proof of compliance, providing greater transparency into the supply chain, promoting more sustainable and ethical practices, and giving you peace of mind knowing your suppliers are meeting legal requirements.

Analyze Carbon Footprint

Make informed decisions about which suppliers to work with and encourage more sustainable practices throughout the industry by accessing and analyzing the methane emissions per farm.

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