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Service Intelligence for Auto Service Providers

Efficiently using bays and providing excellent customer service is key to success, but automotive service providers lack the data they need to identify performance gaps, properly staff bays, and accurately predict wait times. The Leverege Bay Utilization solution empowers service providers with insight into how each bay is being utilized to improve crew performance, complete more invoices, and reduce over-staffing, plus improve customer satisfaction with accurate wait times and related alerts.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Higher customer satisfaction ratings with on-demand scheduling and more accurate wait times

Reduce Costs

Reduction in labor costs through operational efficiency improvements and optimized resource planning

Boost Revenue

Companies can increase their overall revenue by improving the number of services daily.

Improve Crew Efficiency & Increase Per-Store Revenue

Equip Store Managers With Powerful Insights

With clear data and visualizations, store managers can identify which crews are the highest performers and other patterns to increase store productivity.

Complete More Invoices Per Store

One of our customers achieved an average 6.3 additional invoices per day per store due to efficiency improvements driven by the bay utilization solution.

Optimize Crew Staffing & Decrease Costs

Predict Customer Demand to Avoid Over-Staffing

Over-staffing means increased labor costs without an accompanying increase in revenue. Use historical bay utilization patterns to automatically predict customer demand.

Reduce Maintenance Costs with Predictive Maintenance

Knowing actual utilization of each bay means that equipment maintenance can be performed only as needed, reducing costs while avoiding costly equipment unavailability.

Improve Customer Experience & Reduce Customer Support

Provide More Accurate Wait Times

More accurate wait times means better planning for store managers and happier customers.

Enable Customers to Directly Check Remaining Service Time

Send notifications and enable customers to check the status of their service, reducing customer support burden and giving customers transparency.

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