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Smart Retail and Hospitality Solutions

IoT breathes new life into the retail and hospitality experience. With sensors embedded throughout a store and hotel, management can improve experiences for guests and shoppers alike. Leverege’s IoT platform can help streamline payments and check-in/check-out, improve guest and customer experience with space occupancy data, and increase profits by optimizing store layout.

Robust Features

Here are some of the ways that IoT solutions in retail and hospitality would enable you to provide a better experience to customers to bring them back, all while improving your operations to reduce costs.

Inventory Accuracy

Reach near-100-percent inventory accuracy by tracking items anywhere on premise.

IoT Connectivity
Improved Customer Experience

Empower customers to use their mobile devices to explore your inventory and receive personalized coupons.

Customer Conversion Tracking

Use predictive analytics based on your customers past to arm your sales associates with all the information they need to make a sale.

IoT Alerts
Smart Fitting Rooms

Enhance the in-store shopping experience by allowing customers to explore the items they've brought into the fitting room by using RFID tags.

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