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Inventory Visibility for Retailers

Maintaining an accurate inventory is key to driving sales, mitigating theft, and improving operations but many retailers still rely on manual cycle counting (performed annually) which is highly inaccurate, labor intensive, and almost immediately made out-of-date. The Leverege Inventory Visibility solution equips retailers with highly accurate inventory cycle counting done weekly (instead of annually) with minimal labor, enabling retailers to increase sales by up to 15% and better address both internally- and externally-driven theft.

Increase Sales by up to 15%

Automatically Identify Inventory That’s Gathering Dust in the Backroom

You can’t sell inventory if it’s sitting in the backroom. Set configurable thresholds to get alerted when inventory sits idle for too long.

Get More Accurate, Up-to-Date Inventory

Improve your cycle time from annually to weekly, with under an hour of work per week, and go from 70-75% accuracy to 98-99%.

Reduce Internal & External Theft

Decrease Internal Theft by 50%

When employees know there’s theft monitoring in place, you stop internal theft before it happens. Plus, automatically generated reports enable you to flag inventory discrepancies for further investigation.

Get Insights to Take Action Against ORC

Addressing Organized Retail Crime (ORC) requires greater visibility. Identify what was taken and when it was taken to equip law enforcement with the data they need to take down ORC organizations.

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