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Time is of the essence in a factory - every second lost means lower efficiency and less profit. Plant managers can now prevent failures before they happen, reduce costs, and improve product quality with IoT. Real time insights, predictive maintenance, and asset tracking are transforming the manufacturing industry, and Leverege can help your facility make the transition.

Robust Features

Decrease supply-chain risk and ensure the quality and authenticity of in-transit products with a full survey of your inbound and outbound logistics. Improve security and increase efficiency by tracking the location of materials and monitoring resource consumption with IoT sensors connected throughout your supply chain.

Predictive Maintenance

Reduce repair costs, minimize downtime, maximize output and improve remediation efficiency

IoT Connectivity
Operational Efficiency

Improve automation, enhance practitioner collaboration, reduce manual data entry and errors

Asset Performance Optimization

Maximize high-value asset output, balance reliability, performance, and cost

IoT Alerts
Improved Safety

Monitor the health state and activity of workers to prevent injuries and ensure their safety in potentially hazardous environments.

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