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Energy Monitoring for Grocery Stores

Grocery stores are the most electricity-intensive type of commercial building, averaging ~50 kWh per square foot annually. Refrigeration and lighting accounting for over 50% of energy consumption, so inefficient refrigerator systems and lights that get left on can cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in unnecessary costs. The Leverege Energy Monitoring solution empowers grocery retailers to reduce energy consumption by 10%-30%, eliminate equipment downtime and lost inventory, and automatically audit energy usage to facilitate training and upgrades.

Reduce Energy Consumption By 10%-30%

Quickly Identify Issues to Reduce Overall Energy Consumption

Leaving the lights on can have a significant cost impact. Energy STAR estimates that just $1 in energy savings is equivalent to increasing sales by $59 in grocery stores.

Improve Efficiency of Equipment with Predictive Maintenance

Energy monitoring enables equipment to be better maintained with predictive maintenance, and well-maintained equipment operates more efficiently and consumes less energy.

Eliminate Equipment Downtime and Lost Inventory

Automatically Identify Anomalies and Generate Alerts

Enable maintenance teams to service equipment before it goes offline, mitigating costly downtime and lost inventory.

Allocate Your Human Capital More Effectively

Typically, maintenance teams (whether in-house or a third party) will perform preventative maintenance on a schedule. Predicting issues before they happen enables much more effective use of human capital and reduces overall costs since emergency repairs are expensive.

Automatically Audit Energy Usage for Training and Upgrades

Identify and Mitigate Peak Energy Demand to Get Cost Savings

Reducing peak demand can also lead to financial incentives from utilities.

Increase Energy Efficiency Through Effective Training

Energy monitoring can also aid in the proper training of staff regarding which equipment and activities are consuming the most energy.

Replace Inefficient Equipment to Decrease Costs

Conducting an energy audit on existing equipment and circuits helps to identify areas that need the most attention and upgrading.

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