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Planogram Digital Twin for Retailers

Planograms are critical to retailer operations, but making updates and ensuring compliance often relies on archaic physical processes that are time-consuming, overwhelming for staff, and highly error prone, which causes negative impacts to costs, sales, and customer experience. The Leverege Planogram Digital Twin solution digitizes the planogram reset process, drastically improving efficiency and speed of updates, enabling automatic auditing for perfect compliance, and equipping store associates with product knowledge superpowers.

Drastically Improve Planogram Reset Efficiency

Implement Resets Faster and at Lower Cost

Transitioning from physical documents to a mobile-first, digital execution playbook reduces complexity, implementation time, and labor required to update planograms.

Improve Compliance and Audit Remotely

Instead of relying on self-reporting for planogram compliance, compliance audits are performed automatically enabling central teams to monitor progress and accuracy of resets from afar.

Adapt Quickly to New Insights and Changing Needs

Digitizing the planogram reset process and making it easier means you can make changes much faster, enabling you to quickly take action on insights and adapt to changing circumstances.

Increase Sales & Improve Customer Experience

Get Automatic Alerts for Misplaced/Missing Inventory

If an item is in the wrong place or if there’s an empty shelf, alerts will be generated automatically to ensure full, accurate stocking and satisfied customers.

Guide Store Associates to Address Issues Quickly

The intuitive mobile experience enables staff to quickly locate and fix issues such as misplaced inventory and/or out-of-stock items.

Equip Store Associates with Product Intelligence

Reduce Training Time for Store Associates

Store associates can instantly get access to location and product details for any product, significantly reducing ramp-up time for trainees.

Make Every Associate a Customer Superstar

Less time spent searching for items and in-depth product knowledge at their fingertips helps every associate to deliver incredible customer service.

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