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Pharmaceutical Shipment Traceability

Pharmaceutical supply chains are complex, involving numerous stakeholders, processes, and environmental factors that can impact product quality and safety. The lack of transparency and traceability within these supply chains can result in costly inefficiencies, delays, and even compromised patient safety.

Achieve Better Compliance

Ensure your company complies with all relevant regulations and standards, avoiding costly fines and legal issues.

Improve Efficiency

Optimize your supply chain operations and ensure your products are delivered on time and in good condition.

Enhance Product Safety

Ensure your products are transported and stored at the appropriate temperature and conditions, preventing product degradation and patient safety.

Shipment Traceability Across the Supply Chain

Access Real-Time and Historical Data on Location and Condition

Our system provides complete visibility into your supply chain, allowing you to access real-time and historical data on the location, temperature, and condition of each shipment from the manufacturer to the end consumer.

Get Alerts for Violations and Analyze Environmental Conditions

We monitor every shipment's environmental conditions and provide alerts if any data point, such as temperature, pressure, humidity, or other threshold set, is violated. With our system, you can customize the thresholds & alerts for key variables to ensure product viability.

Identify Trends and Reduce Risks

Low-Performing Facility & Carrier Identification

By analyzing data on condition violations, you can identify problem areas in your supply chain and take action to mitigate risks. Our system can help you pinpoint low-performing facilities or transit legs, allowing you to improve them and reduce scrap.

Get Predictive Alerts for Viability

Our system also provides real-time alerts for shipments that are at risk of becoming scrap upon arrival. This helps you take proactive measures to save the product and reduce waste.

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