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Water Submetering for Property Managers

Water usage represents a significant cost to property managers and to tenants, but many apartment buildings still can’t effectively bill tenants for their specific water usage leading to misaligned incentives, increased costs, and a lack of transparency that decreases occupancy rates. In addition, new regulations are being implemented to improve sustainability that mandate remote water monitoring. The Leverege Water Submetering solution can be inexpensively and non-invasively installed without a plumber, enabling Property Managers to charge tenants for their actual usage which leads to increased NOI, improved sustainability and regulatory compliance, and better occupancy rates.

Boost NOI & Get Ahead of Regulations

Increase Net Operating Income (NOI)

Submetering can reduce total water usage by up to 41%, reducing your overall expenses. In addition, aligning billing to usage eliminates the possibility of losing money on water utilities.

Meet Current and Future Regulations

Many jurisdictions, especially the EU, have new and upcoming regulations regarding monitoring of utilities like water to address sustainability. Comply today and be ready for tomorrow with the water submetering solution.

Improve Occupancy Rate & Reduce Turnover

Provide Usage Transparency to Tenants

Equip tenants with insight into their actual water usage so they can reduce their costs and feel confident that they’re being billed fairly.

Provide More Competitive Rates

By removing water utilities from the rental price and passing on the costs to the tenant, you can decrease rent prices to be more attractive in the market.

Quickly Install Without a Plumber

Use Non-Invasive Submeters

Old methods require water to flow through the sensor, but modern sensors enable accurate data collection in a non-invasive way. Just install the submeter on the outside of the pipe, pair it to the room, and you’re done!

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