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Key Tracking for Dealerships

Car keys at dealerships go missing all the time, and manual processes that use key boards or key boxes are just ineffective, leading to missed sales opportunities and an average of $30,000 in annual key replacements per rooftop. The Leverege Key Tracking solution gives dealerships the current location of all their keys, without the fallibility of manual processes, meaning happier customers, increased sales, and higher margins.

Improve Customer Experience to Drive Sales

Instantly Locate Keys Wherever They Are

See the current location of all keys on mobile or desktop to instantly identify the key’s location and keep the sales process moving.

Easily Find the Right Key Among Hundreds

Even if keys are where they’re supposed to be on key boards or in key boxes, it can still take a while to find them. Make key tags emit noise and light to quickly find the key(s) you need even among hundreds.

Reduce Expenses to Increase Margins

Never Pay to Replace a Key Again

Go from an average of $30,000 in key replacements per year to $0, by always having the real-time location of your keys whether they’re inside or outside.

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