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Lot Management for Dealerships

Dealerships face many challenges including a rise in theft, compressing margins due to comparison shopping, and increasing customer expectations for quality service, meaning that dealers need to find ways to decrease costs and provide differentiated service. The Leverege Lot Management solution enables dealers to identify theft and recover stolen vehicles, run and reconcile location reports within minutes instead of hours, and reduce wait times to create a more seamless buying experience for customers.

Improved Customer Experience

Accurate and up-to-date inventory information empowers customers to browse the dealership's inventory both in person and remotely, building trust and boosting sales. Real-time location tracking streamlines the test drive process, reducing wait times and increasing customer satisfaction.

Improved Efficiency

Real-time vehicle tracking simplifies inventory management, eliminating the need for costly manual audits and ensuring that inventory information is always up-to-date.

Enhanced Security

Location tracking solutions offer increased security by allowing dealerships to set up alerts for specific geofences or locations. When an event is detected, SMS and email notifications are sent in real time, enabling dealers to protect their inventory and recover stolen vehicles quickly.

Identify Theft and Recover Your Vehicles

Get Notified of Suspicious Activity

Set operating hours and get notified when vehicles are moved unexpectedly to identify possible thefts or employee misuse.

Share Stolen Vehicle Location with Law Enforcement

If a vehicle’s gone missing, share its location with law enforcement to get recover your stolen vehicle.

Run and Reconcile Location Reports Within Minutes

Save Time with Automatic Reconciliation Reports

Reconcile your entire inventory instantly, no manual process needed.

Reduce Complexity Across Multiple Locations

Get a global view of your inventory across multiple locations, all updated in real-time.

Reduce Wait Times and Create a Seamless Buying Experience

Know When Vehicles Are On Test Drives

Knowing the precise location of vehicles streamlines the test drive process, allowing customers to spend less time waiting and more time experiencing the vehicle.

Locate Any Car On the Go

Get current location and directions to any vehicle on mobile devices, tablets, or desktop computers, reducing time and frustration spent searching for the right vehicle.

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